Cobra Colony Programme

BeaversHere are details of this terms programme for the Stanford based Cobra Colony, remember things may change due to weather and leader availability so be sure to check a day or so before a meeting

11/01/2018Games night
18/01/2018Teddy bear's picnicCelebrating Winnie the Pooh day (18th January). Bring your favorite cuddly toy
25/01/2018India nightLearning about Indian culture and celebrating Republic day (26th January)
01/02/2018Scout skills
08/02/2018Night hike
22/02/2018Engineering nightBuilding bridges with junk, and towers with spaghetti
01/03/2018Cancelled due to snowTBC - Learning about first aid
08/03/2018Mothers day crafts
15/03/2018Navigation badge
22/03/2018Camp fire night
29/03/2018Treasure huntWorking towards level 1 Navigation badge,18,773&moduleID=10