Knife Safety

Using knives is one of the things Scouts love BUT that comes with responsibilities!

Think what type of knife you need (please talk to a leader before purchasing your son / daughter a knife) but here is a useful article (note ‘Swiss Army’ style knives are ok but current best thinking is to use sheath knives) Bushcraft knife choice for young people

You should only carry a knife if it is for a legitimate purpose, so it’s ok to have one in your pocket / rucksack on your way to Scouts – when we have asked you to bring it! You should not carry it openly, nor should you have it with you if you do not have a reason to! Why would you want one if you were going around to the shop!

We will teach the basics and you will need to show you understand the rules plus you will need to sign up to our ‘Safe use’ agreement – Knife, Axe, Saw – Safe use agreement

A really good set of safety instructions can be found here How to use your knife safely

We expect all Scouts to understand what’s in that link AND to know the following
Basic safety rules (if you do not follow these you will not be allowed to bring or use a knife at Scouts)

Safety Brief:
• Always have a first aid kit on you if you are using your knife. Always.
• Never cut towards yourself or your gripping hand. Ever.
• When holding a knife, never walk with it not even a step – re-sheath or close it first.
• Never, ever point your knife at someone, even in jest.
• If you’ve cut yourself, do not carry on and hope for the best. Stop and get it sorted.
• Don’t try to hide cuts – don’t be afraid to ‘own up.’
• Don’t give your knife to anyone else – it’s your responsibility.
• Don’t ‘go mad’ and hack away at tricky bits.
• Give it your FULL attention.
• Always use your leading hand – using your ‘other’ hand because your leading is tired/achey, will lead to accidents.
• Carve for short periods of time – if you are tired, stop!
• Knives must be in sheaths when not being used or when moving around.
• Make safe cuts and think about where your knife will go if it slips.
• If sitting keep your elbows on your knees – its much harder to cut yourself like this;
• Keep plenty of space between you and other people;

How to Sharpen your knife